The Principality of the Mists

Fall Investiture

November 22, 2008

Province of Southern Shores

Principality of the Mists device


Images from the Court of Prince Sigifrith and Princess Kamiilah and the Investiture of Their Heirs

Rorik Skogan and Syele von der Rosen

PB220047 PB220051 PB220049 PB220050 PB220052 PB220053 PB220054 PB220055
PB220056 PB220057 PB220058 PB220059 PB220060 PB220062 PB220063 PB220064
PB220065 PB220066 PB220067 PB220068 PB220070 PB220072 PB220074 PB220075
PB220076 PB220077 PB220079 PB220080 PB220081 PB220085 PB220086 PB220087
PB220088 PB220090 PB220091 PB220092 PB220094 PB220095 PB220096 PB220097
PB220098 PB220099 PB220100 PB220101 PB220102 PB220103 PB220104 PB220106
PB220107 PB220108 PB220109 PB220110 PB220111 PB220112 PB220113 PB220114
PB220115 PB220116 PB220117 PB220118 PB220120 PB220121 PB220122

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